Genesis Mining - Lifetime contracts for both altcoin and bit

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Genesis Mining - Lifetime contracts for both altcoin and bit

Мнениеот Genesis.Mining » 11 Сеп 2014, 10:53

Dear Miners,

After a long period of offering exclusively scrypt hashpower, Genesis Mining launched its new sha256 mining contracts in the beginning of September, becoming the World's first large scale multi-algorithm cloud mining service.

The launch is followed by a complete restructuring of the company’s pricing mechanism: instead of yearly contracts, Genesis Mining will now sell hashpower for an entire lifetime.

The company goes further by challenging the whole market by prices that are well below the current niveau. Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Mining says:

“Thanks to our hardware manufacturing partners we were able to bring the prices down to the absolute rock bottom in this industry. Customers are now able to purchase 1 MH/s for only 17.99 USD. We are happy to offer this opportunity to the mining community!”

Genesis Mining puts a big emphasis on keeping old customers happy, therefore an evident upgrade will follow like several other times in the past. Clients who purchased yearly contracts will be automatically upgraded to lifetime conditions, and when their contractual year ends, they will keep on mining undisturbed. The CEO of Genesis Mining adds:

“Where we are now and where we will be in the future - it all depends on our customers! Every single devoted customer who supported us from the start made this possible and we will never forget that. You can be sure that this is just the beginning and a lot more benefits will follow. Thank you!"

The features that make GM truly unique among competitors remain the same of course. The clean and intuitive User Interface will stay unchanged and keep serving a unique experience of controlling the cloud based rigs at home and allocating hashpower among different coins. That there is indeed hardware behind the scene has been proven by the company several times by showing their mining farms to the public.

Gold : 1 Mh/s - 17.99 USD (17.99 USD per Mh/s)
Platinum: 20 Mh/s - 339 USD (16.99 USD per Mh/s)
Diamond : 100 Mh/s - 1,499 USD (14.99 USD per Mh/s)

Gold : 10 Gh/s - 9.95 USD (99.5 cents per Gh/s)
Platinum: 1000 Gh/s - 899 USD (89.9 cents per Gh/s)
Diamond :10,000 Gh/s - 8,950 USD (89.5 cents per Gh/s)

About Genesis Mining: Genesis Mining is a team of experts with a thorough knowledge in the crypto currency sector. The company builds the most efficient and reliable hardware and has offered hosted mining contracts since 2013. What differentiates Genesis Mining from others is their unique feature of free hashpower distribution, through which customers can allocate their rigs to mine different coins at the same time.
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Re: Genesis Mining - Lifetime contracts for both altcoin and

Мнениеот dobo79 » 11 Сеп 2014, 12:08

Хайде няма нужда от повече "куци" оферти.По добре си хвърлете парите в тоалетната,отколкото в такива клоуд-мининги.
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Re: Genesis Mining - Lifetime contracts for both altcoin and

Мнениеот nighteagle » 28 Май 2016, 18:04

Ще пиша тука, за да не отварям нова тема...

Изваждам малко btc-та от друг "cloud mining" сайт и мисля да ги преместя в Genesis Mining. Имат два активи плана към момента и се чудя на кой да заложа, дайте вашите мениея.
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