Депозити на BTC с добра възващаемост.

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Депозити на BTC с добра възващаемост.

Мнениеот nitrox » 13 Ное 2017, 02:01

искам да представя услугата https://btchash.io?ref=718040, ето и не реферален линк: https://btchash.io
ползвам я от няколко седмици понеже е нова.
нещата към момента са изрядни и всичко функционира нормално.
няма да я рекламирам колко е изгона и хубава, a ще споделя проблема който имах с нея.
при регистрацията си обърках пощата без да забележа.
излязох от профила си и тогава стана една беля ....
по време на регистрацията ти дават уникален индентификационен номер който се ползва за логин.
еми аз не го бях записал, и неможех да ви слязав в профила.
свързах се със съпорта на сайта по имейл.
добре че си бях запазил ID-тата на трназакциите към техния сайт.
за има няма 15 - 20 минути хората се свързаха с мене, отново по имейл
коригираха ми имейла в профила и ми ресетнаха паролата, предполагам от мерки за сигурнсот.
вече всичко е наред и цедилката на BTC работи накапва по-малко, но затова пък не спира.
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Re: Депозити на BTC с добра възващаемост.

Мнениеот danisapfirov » 13 Ное 2017, 13:30

Висок риск.
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Re: Депозити на BTC с добра възващаемост.

Мнениеот mk5 » 14 Ное 2017, 21:44

What is BTC Hash and why is BTCHash a Scam?
BTCHash.io is an illegal company because its business model is a Ponzi scheme. The information about its owner is completely hidden within its WHOIS details, which eventually creates a doubt on why the owner is not willing to reveal his/her identity. Whether the past evidence of owner is related with some scam companies or may be he/she want to scam from his/her current site, either way, it is not good. So, BTC Hash can be shut down at any point of time owing nothing to anyone. In online business industry, only scam sites have hide their owner details in WHOIS, but none of the legit sites have.

Let's think in general way. If any company can pay 3.84% daily profit on investment amount, then why they need to ask several people to invest in their project and pay them 3.84% daily instead of paying less than 1% monthly to any local bank by taking loan from a bank? It is because in order to take a loan from a bank, their business need to be real with real financial statements and legal documents which simply they don't have. Actually they are completely a Ponzi Scheme. They are not paying by making the real profit, but paying existing members by using the money invested by new members. That is why even they fail to provide their real source of income. The only verifiable source of income coming into the company is the money invested by the affiliates.

Until the ratio of new investment becomes higher than the withdrawal amount, they will keep on paying. Once they feel the amount that members are withdrawing becoming more than the new investment coming into the company, they will just shutdown their site and run with the remaining money. Some of these companies even shutdown their site before that happens. That is why Ponzi scheme is not legal and definitely not sustainable as well. So, we don't recommend BTCHash and have listed it within our Bad and Scams section.
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