Blockchain Healthcare Solutions

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Blockchain Healthcare Solutions

Мнениеот oodlesblockchain » 20 Дек 2019, 15:12

Blockchain application development services provide the pharmaceutical industry with solutions to stop the influx of counterfeit drugs.

Blockchain, by its design, is immutable, reliable, and secure. The implementation of its distributed ledger design across the value chain enables healthcare stakeholders to avoid several challenges like counterfeit medicines.

Blockchain as a Solution
Our Blockchain developers can develop blockchain healthcare applications with several advanced features, such as:

– Nullifying the transactions if the drugs contain fraudulent information
– Prohibiting access to unauthorized individuals in the drug supply chain
– Enabling healthcare stakeholders to track anomalies in the transactions in real-time
– Monitoring every movement of drugs in the chain of custody Image
Using Blockchain healthcare application development, we can shift the governance model of a drug supply chain to the surveillance net. We can provide a solution using which every stakeholder can track every activity in the supply chain in a transparent manner

Healthcare blockchain solutions provided by Oodles can empower the entire drug supply chain with tracking and traceability features.

We develop applications with blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger to augment security, privacy, interoperability, and exchange of healthcare data. We use technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics to provide innovative healthcare experiences. We have the skill set to develop permissioned decentralized solutions for use cases like drug traceability, fraud detection, and identity and data management. The solutions ensure efficient management of clinical trial data, EMR, drug supply chains, and regulatory compliance like HIPAA.
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